Support SDS!

We work on a shoestring budget, and rely on the passion and strength of action of our many volunteers. All funds go directly to supporting people in detention – through travel for visits, phone top-up, or through contributing to the London Living Wage paid our two incredible and dedicated coordinators.

You can make a one-off donation or a standing order to sustain the work of SDS.

Option 1: Set up a standing order from your bank account to:

SOAS Detainee Support Group

Account number: 60064641

Sort code: 60-80-07

If you’d like to drop us a quick email to let us know, it’d be lovely to hear from you, but no pressure!

Option 2: Set up a Direct Debit for £5 a month* (see below for other amounts), using the button below.

*We’ll email you before taking the first payment. To choose a different amount, just reply to let us know how much and how often.

Option 3: Make a regular donation through Paypal, using the button below:

Make a Donation Button

Huge, huge thank you.


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