How to become a visitor

You do not have to be a student, or be linked to SOAS, to get involved with SDS.

We hold a big all-day training session for new visitors in the autumn, and shorter evening training sessions throughout the year. The training is a great way to find out more information about SDS, the detention regime, how visiting works and meet other SDS members

We also ask you to fill out our short membership form, where you can tell us your visiting preferences (e.g. whether you would like to visit in a pair or alone), your availability, languages that you speak, and so on. Once you’ve filled it in, you’ll be added to our mailing list and our new visitors list, and we can get things going.

We will be in touch with you individually to discuss your first visit.

Other ways to get involved

We have fortnightly organising meetings, usually on a Wednesday evening at SOAS.  Contact us for details of the next meeting.

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