SDS Appeal Launch

SOAS Detainee Support needs your help!

SDS (SOAS Detainee Support) have been visiting, organising against and resisting immigration detention for 10 years now. We’ve supported hundreds of people in detention, building relationships, expressing our solidarity through practical support, helping to stop deportations and win freedom.

Right now, SDS needs your help. We’ve always run on a shoestring, largely reliant on grant funders. Now funding is getting harder to come by, we are on the brink of running out.

We’re building a more sustainable, grassroots support system, starting with a four-week crowd-funder.

Please, please dig deep!

Even if your donation is very small, it will contribute, and will encourage others to donate what they can. As a token of thanks we’re offering CDs of live acts at our past fundraisers, hand-printed tote bags, and tickets to our comedy fundraiser with Josie Long on 2 August in London!

Even if you can’t donate, please share this message – on lists, via Facebook, by email, in conversation, with friends and allies (and any rich people you may know..).

Without you we are nothing!

Thanks so much,



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