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Radio Show – SDS – Beyond the Detention Walls

Beyond the Detention Walls is the radio show inspired by the work of SOAS Detainee Support Group, a student-led initiative working in solidarity with asylum seekers and other migrants in and outside detention centers. The radio show will give ex and current detainees a chance to speak out on issues of their concern, to be part of the society-wide discussions on immigration policies and to assert their right to have their voices heard. Through this we hope to raise awareness about the practice of detention and other forms of immigration control. Topics we plan to cover are Charter Flights, Deportations, abuse of power in Detention, the situation in Calais and more. We also hope to play some music made by detainees and to read some poetry and stories written by them.

We thank the SOAS Radio team for making this possible. If you are interested in becoming part of this project or would like to have your voice heard, please contact us on:

You can access the radio show on this link:

Episode 1

In their first show with SOAS Radio, Phil and Ernestine from the Detainee Support Group interview two Ghanaian migrants about their experiences of immigration detention in Britain.

The discussion ranges from the recent death in custody of a Ghanaian detainee to UK Border Agency raids on workplaces, reasons for economic migration from West Africa to Europe, and diplomatic deals between Ghana and Britain which have paved the way for more deportations.

The show aims to give a voice to people still in detention or who had only recently been released

Episode 2 – Upcoming

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