SDS Statement – Yarl’s Wood Demonstration

The recent testimonies describing abuse within Movement for Justice came as a shock to many organising groups. SDS, like many others, has had to consider at length how best to respond and proceed when events like this unfold.

In light of the organisation’s response to allegations of abuse, and events that have occurred since, SDS has made the collective decision to no longer attend the demonstration at Yarl’s Wood on Saturday.

We are concerned that the demonstration may not be a safe space for all involved and the reality of this would detract from the solidarity we wish to show with the women inside Yarl’s Wood. We urge people who are planning to go to not do so alone, to look after yourselves and each other.

As in our previous statement, SDS situates itself in a movement that fights for an end to borders and prisons and depends on safe and supportive spaces where the voices of those affected directly by the detention system are centered and listened to. Consequently, SDS feels that there must be a collective responsibility not to recreate structures of violence, oppression and abuse.

We stand in solidarity with those affected by immigration detention, and the hostile environment in the UK. We will continue to educate, strategise and build towards our vision: a world without borders or prisons.

In solidarity,

SOAS Detainee Support



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