Crowdfunder Update

In just over two weeks, the SDS crowdfunder has raised £5,540 – what is there to say other than a huge THANK YOU!  This amount takes us to almost 80% of our £7,000 target, and has come from 143 individual donations.

Lots has happened in the past two weeks:

We were devastated to hear of the tragic death in Harmondsworth. It’s hard to imagine what people in local detention centres must be experiencing right now. Our statement can be found here. Sadly, another death was reported yesterday at Dungavel IRC in Scotland. To anyone in detention, or visiting those in detention who are feeling unsettled or in need of support you can get in touch with us to see if we can help in any way.

BBC Panorama released their undercover documentary, For many people this is the first insight they’ve had into the reality of the detention system. But for us, it didn’t go far enough. You can read comment from one of our members on the website here. The suspension of 9 G4S staff members will not change the disgusting and systemic abuse that occurs in detention centres all over the country.

The Home Affairs Select Committee met in response to the ‘situation’ at Brook House IRC. Both current and past G4S staff gave evidence as well as a member of the Gatwick Detainee Welfare Group. We must remember that this incident has to be contextualised in the wider setting of the abuse of detention, unlimited detention time and the profits made by private companies who run these centres. We will be submitting evidence to the Committee along with many other groups and NGOs.

Stephen Shaw has begun his follow up report to the Home Office on the Welfare in Detention of Vulnerable Persons. The Home Office continues to be very vague about what they define as ‘vulnerable’ and how this will be measured.

We continue our visits, pairing more people with friends in detention who want support, and continuing to be active in the journey towards a world without prisons or borders. As ever, funding for such a taboo topic is difficult, and we are overwhelmed by the support that has been shown for this crowdfunder.

With only 10 days left on our campaign, we urge you to continue donating, sharing and encouraging other to donate. All money raised will go towards our running costs, enabling us to continue our visits in solidarity to those in immigration detention.

SDS team


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