SOAS Detainee Support Welcome Meeting

Welcome Meeting
12th October 2016
7-9pm @ SOAS

SOAS Detainee Support (SDS) is a group that works in solidarity with people detained in detention centres and prisons in and around London under immigration powers. A lot of what we do is visit people who are detained, to provide them with emotional & practical support as needed. Visiting isn’t all we do, however — if you are unable to visit for any reason, there is a LOT you can still do as part of SDS! We also work on and support campaigns that work to #EndDetention; we hold a totally abolitionist stance toward incarceration, meaning that the work & organising we do is not to make detention “”nicer””, it is with the aim of ending it completely.

The group is what we all, collectively, make it �� ! In this meeting, we will talk about what SDS is, what our shared aims & principles are, and how you can get involved with the group.

We generally meet once a week to organise, 7PM—9PM in SOAS. More regularly, our meetings are there to discuss the running of SDS (an anti-hierarchal, consensus-based group), to hold skill-shares, for casework and peer-support, & to plan actions and protests.

PSA: You do NOT have to be a SOAS student or staff to visit or organise with SOAS Detainee Support.

Please message us for the ROOM INFO, and see you there!


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