release xv flyer front







We say Detention does not stop Migration

and so we Celebrate, high on Liberation


Thursday 20th March, 10 – 3 in Passing Clouds!!

£7 in advance/£9 on the door

Sambatage leads an Exodus from SOAS at 9 30

All proceeds go directly to SOAS Detainee Support!!!


On sale in SOAS from MONDAY!!

Email for more info

Join the facebook page!


For its XV edition Release returns to Passing Clouds, as the end of term extravaganza joins the struggle against immigration detention.

To raise our voices in solidarity with all detainees and dance to the melody of liberation, we’ve put up an amazing line-up for the people

We’ve got some Amazing vibes from live musicians such as

Don Kipper – a whirl of high-energy Klezmer and sizzling Balkan tunes, with fresh, original arrangements and virtuosic zeal

Mulele Matondo Afrika (full band) – an army of pan-africanist inspired conscious congolese guerrilla music

Ten Strong Vagabond Mania and other surprises in store for a night of love, harmony and solidarity

Hosted by, ladies and gentlemen, Fedzilla

Also, for you and for the celebration to be memorable we’ve got:

Dj Ariel from the Twistedhearts family on the decks downstairs (Afrobeats, Funk, Cumbia, World, Latin and more colours)

Old school hip-hop vibes upstairs, led by The Beat Council – BassBoomBoogie… they are the beat at the end of the tunnel + DJ Žestina, MC Why and others yet to be announced

Spread the Love and spread the word

Solidarity to all


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